Why Use Wax Jackets Cleaned?

You might be wondering why you would send your jacket to us when you can just find
local businesses to handle the wax jacket restoration.

However, work carried out on waxed cotton is very specialist indeed!

Due to this specialist nature, not everyone can help with the changes or the cleaning you would love to be carried out to your much loved garment. 

That’s where we come in! We re-wax hundreds of wax jackets a year. All different makes are accommodated for, from Belstaff, Barbour, Drizabone, Filson, John Partridge, Musto, you can rest assured that we can safely reproof and repair any wax jacket that you could own! Not only that, but because of our experience in wax jacket restoration, we can handle most things in any colour (although some colours are more prone to “issues” than others, red being a great example)!

We typically receive a few international jackets each week or two, from places as far away as Australia! That is how trusted we are!

AND we have reviews online, available for viewing.

Check below to see some for yourself!

If you would like to see more reviews, check out our review page, which features reviews from every platform we have received them!

Alternatively, our Facebook page has a lot of people’s opinions on Wax Jackets Cleaned. See what they are saying here!

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