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Back in late 2010 a customer came in to my Dry Cleaning shop in New Mills, they asked if we could clean their dirty smelly Barbour Jacket saying!! It is totally unwearable.

The customer had spoken to J. Barbour & Sons Ltd and were told that “they cannot be cleaned and we are unable to do this to a wax jacket” “You can’t clean it”  – the customer was quite taken aback by their response, ” you’ll have to purchase a new one”.

This got me thinking…. We had started Wet Cleaning Ltd, a unique & specialist wet cleaning process about 2 years previous, this specialist cleaning process is gentle and effective on nearly all types of fabrics without damage. Wet cleaning is growing as it is an Eco- Friendly process as it does not use dangerous chemicals and is far more environmentally friendly, But OUR system is very Unique and is not done by any other company.

Over a period of 12 months I set to work on developing an effective cleaning process, especially as these types of Jackets tend to Smell and were usually very dirty, this was because the Care label always stipulates DO NOT – DO NOT – DO NOT…… We investigated the whole restoration of waxed cotton garments, I started to find effective ways of repairing damaged parts of Jackets – so if someone has a 30 year old Barbour Border Jacket with damage (holes, general wear and tear) to the sleeve and cuff ends, just patching and cover damage with new pieces of Modern waxed cotton will not work as it is not the same colour or even the same material, it needs to be matching!!

So I started to buy large quantities of Old and Battered mainly unusable Belstaff & Barbour Jackets and Trousers, we set to cleaning and stripping them all down for the good parts and fabric, we now have a very large collection of parts and fabrics for many different makes and models and many colours which now makes the matching repairs easier and looks very good when the Garment is waxed. 

The final part was the waxing!! – LOTS OF PRACTICE >>>> I guarantee to extend the Life of Waxed Cotton Garments.

Then we introduced three alternative wax finishes to give the customer choice and as they say “the rest is history”, now receiving wax garments from all four corners of the globe! So weather you live in Germany, Australia, USA or Japan we at Wax Jackets Cleaned can make your beloved wax jacket wearable again (guaranteed)!

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