Weekend Bags

This specific bag, the weekend bag, was made from 100% original Barbour Northumberland parts. The jacket itself was actually a 48-inch chest, 1980’s model of Barbour Northumberland, which we at Wax Jackets Cleaned have reformed into the masterpiece you see here! Absolutely no wastage, we used every single part of the original item that we could. If cared for properly, this sturdy and robust bag will give you many years of usage.

Another amazing aspect of this item? It is entirely unique. No one else will ever have the same bag as this one, due to how it has been made and repurposed. Not to mention that nowhere else even has the capabilities to do this type of work, you can rest assured that each and every bag we feature is an original Wax Jackets Cleaned product, made by upcycling a garment which was destined for landfill.

Our weekend bags range from £250 to £300. If this is of interest to you, please go to the bottom of the page and complete the form before submitting, and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Please note that the measurements shown on this image are not absolute and should be used as a guideline. Based on a variety of factors, the finished item will be characteristically different.

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