International Wax Jacket Cleaning

As you may know, Wax Jackets Cleaned is not merely limited to the European region of the world. We offer competitive shipping rates which make international shipment of your beloved waxed cotton garments affordable! Combined with the fact that we are servicing your goods, there’s no customs charges to worry about!*

*This may vary depending on where you intend on shipping your item from. Please either contact us or take a look online yourself.

UPS for USA and ParcelForce for everywhere else.
Location based shipping charges will and could change over time.

Jackets are sent to us from all corners of the globe, but YOU will save money by contacting us prior to sending. This is so we can discuss your location and give you a quote based on that information. Please note that prices are subject to change, but we will inform if this is the case.

If you take a look at your own local / national restorer of waxed cotton garments, (if you even have one!) you will probably find that;

  1. They do not offer a service as comprehensive as the service provided by Wax Jackets Cleaned.
  2. For what they offer / are able to actually achieve, it is VERY expensive in comparison.
  3. They will not have the same level of expertise in the industry.
  4. The jackets will NOT actually be cleaned. The “cleaning” would be the same as something akin to “wipe off solid matter and wash with cold water”.

These are pictures of a jacket that was sent to another “cleaner / restorer of waxed cotton garments”.

Please note the quality of the work (or lack there of!).

There isn’t the right combination of words that exists to accurately depict what Wax Jackets Cleaned think about this. If a jacket was returned to a paying customer looking like this, we would be devastated! This jacket was sent to another company, and when the customer received it back, they sent it to us immediately with the sad regret of not choosing us in the first place. An update of this will follow shortly, after Wax Jackets Cleaned have worked their magic on this jacket.

Now, if you were to take a look on our “Amazing Transformations” page, you will instantly see that we at Wax Jackets Cleaned are in a different league when compared side by side. Not only do we offer a more comprehensive service, but we are simply better at what we do than most others (if not all others!)

Much is needed to ensure that the cleaning, re-waxing and repairing procedure goes to plan, such as;

Specialist rooms

With over 10 years in the field, we have continuously worked at and improved every aspect of our process at Wax Jackets Cleaned, with the inclusion of temperature controlled specialist rooms.

Trained members of staff

After a good number of years working with waxed cotton, our seamstress can work magic! This has took a long time to become proficient at, due to the nature of working with this kind of material in this context. Your typical run-of-the-mill seamstress / seamster wouldn’t be able to achieve what our seamstress can!

Cleaning facilities

Due to experimenting and general experience, we can virtually guarantee that no other company on this planet would be able to accomplish the same final results as Wax Jackets Cleaned. Just look at our before and after pictures!

Original materials

Owning the largest stock of waxed cotton jackets in the UK (if not the world!) comes in handy when repairing a jacket. We can go through our vast stocks and match (in most cases) jackets from the same model and year.

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