Case Studies – Most Ambitious Restorations

Welcome to our “Case Studies” page. This will document some of the most impressive transformations that Wax Jackets Cleaned have been able to achieve.

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MR & MRS “X”

Due to the lockdown that occurred in the UK, we have had to shield to ensure our own safety. But because of this we have been housebound for the last 5 months or so which means that our jackets have had lots and lots of time to sit around in the damp and take the humidity in. This is bad for us because we now have four jackets which stink and we can’t wear them outdoors because the smell is just so bad. The jackets aren’t even three years old and now I have to bin them?

So me and my wife spoke to Barbour about what they can do to help us out with this. So I explained to them the situation with the jackets, about them being really smelly but in perfect condition other than that and about the shielding so we were physically not able to get our jackets from the bad storage conditions they were in. 

They said to me that because of the way we stored it, it wasn’t really down to them and to maybe just try a little Febreze to get rid of the smell. And if that doesn’t work then to try and hang them outside for a bit. So that is about £1200 – £1400 worth of jackets that aren’t of any use to us any more.

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