WJC - Wax Jackets Cleaned : Notice, Update & Announcement

Very Important Notice

Please do not associate The Wax Jacket Cleaning Company Ltd www.waxjacketcleaningcompany.co.uk but no longer on Facebook and others of Leeds, Devon, Doncaster and other UK locations, it is owned and operated by Mr Karl Ward. We have been contacted by dozens of desperate and very upset customers who are trying to receive their property back, several Trading Standards and Police are trying and attempting to resolve many serious issues involving missing property and loss of monies

Look at Reviews on www.192.com http://www.192.com/business/leeds-ls12/sc/the-wax-jacket-cleaning-company-limited/31fac3eaae3cbbd7659df79284e1795ad7d4382f/comp/?sk=89522664-c48f-49ee-b1a4-3e03068f08e5#reviewsSection

Update: February 13, 2017